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Open Air Computer Case - Tech Station Hack - Unboxing DIY 

This hack is based on my desire to find a cheap Open Air PC Tech Station. I found that this hack makes a perfect work station for any computer hobbyists, overclockers, frequent upgraders, IT Professionals, PC Shops. Great for anyone needing frequent and fast access to internal PC components.  It has ability for a solid non-conductive construction, tool-less storage for all PC components and lots of great features. 

I plan to find some cheap non-conductive material for the motherboard to sit on and also get some nice fans and mount on the sides to keep everything nice and cool. 

You can find the link to the actual Bed Bath Beyond Rack here:  (I don't have any associate with selling any products for Bed Bath and Beyond, I am just putting this link here is you want to follow and do the same.)

I also found that the sides of the sho rack will fit two 140mm fans side by side perfectly. I am now ordering 4 Corsair AF140s, two for each side of the rack. I found the Rack to be very sturdy and strong.  Right now, I am using antistatic shipping wrap as an insulator on the shelf to protect the motherboard from the metal sides. I plan on creating some kind mother tray lift, but now, its just sits free on the antistatic wrap..  I just love how I can put two motherboards on this rack system.  Heck, I am even thinking about getting another rack and making PC cluster.  Anyhow, you cant beat the price of $30.  

I can see that this hack is perfect for any type of motherboard out there like the XL-ATX, mITX, mATX, ATX, eATX, XL-ATX  and those weird HPTX boards.  I also plan to add a support for a possible unconventional 4-Way SLI card system, who knows? I just how this simple shoe has made so many possibilities in my world of tinkering! :-)

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