Monster Lives insides my DX7 and it's waiting to be Released!

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Funny YouTube Tutorial on how to set up a Yamaha DX7 with Dexed a VST MIDI Sysex Editor and create some Gnarly Nasty FM Synth Sounds!

I found a nice Yamaha DX7 Synth the other day and had a little fun hooking it up with Logic Pro. I was actually shocked to kinds of sounds I was able to get out of it.

IMHO, the difference between a Real DX7 and those Synth Clones like Dexed, Arturia, and FM8, is the character.  The VST clones just can't compare to the real thing! The reason is simple, Most VST Plugins just have no real Soul!

Let's take for example here an original Yamaha DX7 FM Synth; A staple synth found in most of the Top 40-1980's Pop songs. Why?  It just had a certain sound to it that cuts into a mix.  Some say it was due to the complexity of how the FM synth was designed or its unique power supply and ROM chip!  To me, it was the soul of the machine that defined the era, dirty Low-Fi 12- bit sounds, with a mean-ass low-end... That is Character!  

By experimenting with some cool FX sound tricks, I was able to get something really cool.  I can only imagine when I start getting into the real thick of the things when I start designing my own DX7 sounds in my genres like Industrial Metal, Psytrance and maybe some Dubstep. This thing is a beast!   

There's a monster that lives insides my DX7 and is waiting to be released!  

In the YouTube video: I'm using 'Dexed' as my Sysex MIDI Editor and Librarian with Logic Pro X, 10.3.

My Logic Pro X FX Chain:
Orginal Yamaha DX7 - Mono out, duplicated to two Audio Channels, hard panned Left and Right. Both Channels have a Pitch shifter enabled for each to eliminate phase cancelation. This creates a very nice FX Harmonizer effect.  Then both channels are thrown into a summing bus.  On the master summing bus; I have, Modulation Delay, Bit Crusher, and Distortion, and I add another bus that goes to a separate aux channel for ghostly sounding reverb.  

Gnarly Nasty Sounds!