EPIC Enigma Pad - Best Sampling Process w/ Korg Karma

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Pulling out all the cool tips & tricks in this one. A new way on how to integrate the Sound Tower Editor "Karma Edit Pro" from a cheap secondary Win 7 Laptop into Logic Pro X and then have it control the Korg Karma.  

You don't have to use a Korg Karma, any keyboard will work, this is more about how to use cheap PC or Laptop as a MIDI control center and how to setup a network MIDI session from Logic Pro and integrate it with this control center. 

The video is very detailed at certain levels, but there are parts in it that are somewhat advanced (aka: MIDI over Networking). However, I try to take the time to explain everything; including the problems I ran into and the fixes (like: The dreaded network MIDI bug in OS X El Capitan). 

BTW, I have other videos that show the MIDI over network process in more detail and that is why, I skimmed over it in this one.  I did link in the other videos those parts. This is why the video is so long, 1hr/45min. I'm assuming that everyone already knows how to hook up a MIDI keyboard in a DAW and you have some experience with configuring a simple sound librarian / editors with a Korg. 

In the video: I have in place and setup the following:
1.) A decent Apple Mac that is running OS X El Capitan and Logic Pro X 10.2.4
2.) A cheap secondary Laptop or PC that can run Sound Tower's "Karma Edit Pro" and the network MIDI utility called: "RTPMidi" by Tobias Erichsen.
3.) "CoRD" Remote Desktop for Mac OS X - used to remote into the secondary laptop from the Mac.
4.) A good USB Audio / MIDI interface with both MIDI cables connected from the Korg Karma's IN/OUT and the USB cable connected to the secondary laptop running Karma Edit Pro. (In the video I am using a Presonus USB Audio box).
5.) KARMA Edit Pro by SoundTower, installed on the PC / secondary Laptop. 
6.) Alesis MultiMix16 Firewire that is sending my Karma stereo Audio channels into the MAC / Logic Pro X. (channels 9/10).
7.) Network MIDI session from the Mac to the 2nd Laptop 
8.) Korg Karma (I am using one that is running System Software 2.0 with MOSS)

IMHO, the KARMA is one of the best keyboards I have ever worked with and I just love to talk about it and use it. I hope all you like it... Please let me know what you think? Please be sure to leave a like on the YouTube Video, this will help me make even more KARMA / Logic Pro videos.   

Psst.. Per the Future: I would like to do some youtube tutorials about the KARMA MW Software, or maybe some on how to integrate the MIDI from the Combis into Logic Pro X, but not sure yet...