Create Guitar Distortion in Magix Music Maker

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How to Create Guitar Distortion in Magix Music Maker 2016 - Tips & Tricks

Just another walk-through video on how to create some cool guitar tones in Magix Music Maker 2006. I first show how everything is set up and then i show how I was able to get a really nice ambient guitar sound from a home made MIDI file. and then we turn it into something really cool by add a neat tube distortion plugin from Magix.

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SideKick v3 VST:
A plugin for sidechain compression which is also suitable for hosts like OpenMPT that normally can't do sidechaining. A superior version 4 has already been released, but it's shareware. Requires the Visual C++ 2003 Runtime (MSVCR71.DLL).

SideKick v3 Download Link:

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