Create Enigma Chillstep in Logic Pro X with Deep Moving Pads

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Logic Pro X Tutorial on how to make some Cool Groovy Enigma like cosmic, deep moving pads and leads to some chillout LoFi Dirty Beats.

Download full Logic Pro X Project at Spice or Blend Here:

2:04 - Old Project Clean up.
4:06 - Redo old ES2 Saw Synth Pad and show some cool and new  synthesis Programming Tips and Tricks
8:59 - Add New ES2 Sub Preset and tweak to fit
11:15 - Work on ES2 Sub Compressor and tweak the Sidechain pump
12:13 - Do a short play through with to hear how it sounds with the new changes
13:38 - Add in some nice LoFi Dirty Beats from Logic's Loop Library
14:34 - Add a rest/pause before the beat hits, to make a nice drop
15:52 - Add in more energy by adding new hats track for Bar 17
16:38 - EQ new Hat track
17:59 - Add in another rest/pause before the hats hit, plus cut up and add in more beats for a quick transition break
20:49 - Add in new Track and try to find new Serum Lead
24:18 - I don't like the First serum lead and decide to go back to a different preset I made called: "cool guitar".
22:40 - add in some nice distortion settings on the Track, will be used later on for the Cool Guitar Serum lead
25:25 - Add in another level of distortion on the cool Serum guitar Lead
26:30 - MIDI editing the notes on the Cool Guitar Lead Track, adding 5ths
28:29 - Change Serum to Poly and found some interesting leakage. :-)
29:19 - More MIDI editing on the Cool Guitar Lead.
33:30 - Going Minimal, getting the Leads and Pads to quiet back down
35:20 - Another short play-through to see how it sounds like with the guitar lead
35:50 - Even More MIDI Note editing on the Cool Serum guitar Lead and do another play-through
38:55 - Let's do something, something, something with the SAWs by editing the MIDI notes.
41:16 - Listen to the new Saw Pads with the new MIDI notes changes, WOW!  Then clean up some automation lines
43:22 - Add pause break for transition to outro
44:08 - Final EQ and Compression settings on the main Kick/Snare - Dirty LoFi Beats, Make even more Dirtier! 
47:06 - Add a new Reverb for the Drums
47:40 - EQ and Compress the hell out of the Drum Beat
49:31 - Bring all the Drums back in and balance them out, add a touch of Reverb on the Hats
50:17 - Do a short final play-through and say good night!