Tesla Sky - Progressive Trance

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Tesla Sky - Progressive Trance / Progressive House Music Design Template For Apple Logic Pro X (DAW)


Tesla Sky is a very special Logic Pro X Progressive Trance / House Template / Track.  It is about generating Free energy from the sky, like How Nikola Tesla discovered, but then it was squashed by our very own government. I created this track in honor of Tesla on how he was able to figure out how to harness free energy from the air. The sounds and FX are all custom made, and geared to what it may possibly sound like, if you were harnessing energy from the stratosphere!

Features 35 Synths, Drums and FX tracks.  A loud punchy track to some very cool off beat swinging plucks, glitches and airy FX.  Keep in mind you will need to have Massive, everything else is all Logic Pro X. All samples are saved in the Samples & Ultrabeat folders.

Template Main Key: D minor.
Template BPM: 128 BPM
Track Time: 5:30

Mastering is configured on the main mix out channel - labeled: "Custom Mix", where I use two Linear Phase EQ's to bring up the whole mix levels and put more emphasis on the Bass and highs, to give it that over-the-top punchy feel. Then I bring in a Multi-press, (based on Logic's Hip-Hop Compressor model), but I'll hack and tweak it even more to dial in a bigger and fatter sound. Finally, I add an AdLimiter to bring up the master levels, to keep it loud and strong, through the whole Mix.

Description of each track, listed in order starting from 1:
  1. - Prog Lead Pluck - Made in NI Massive
  2. - Echo EP - Made in Logic's Suitcase Mark 1, Electric Piano synth
  3. - Oceanic Pad - Made in NI Massive
  4. - String Ensemble - EXS24 Logic's Sampler Ensemble String setting
  5. - Cathedral Saw - Made in Logic's ES2 synth
  6. - Progressive Organ - Made in Logic's Vintage B3
  7. - Sine Pluck - Made in NI Massive
  8. - Do It Pluck - Made in NI Massive
  9. - Lead Acid - Made in NI Massive
 10. - Klop Pluck - Made in Logic's Klopfgeist synth
 11. - Block Pluck - Made in Logic's EFM1 synth
 12. - Mid Bass - Made in NI Massive
 13. - Sub - Made in Logic's ES2 synth

Ultrabeat Drum synth set to multi-out, which means each channel is set to its own sub-channel, this saves you on processing and gives finer detail to what you can do with each drum channel. Each drum has it's own track and is processed separately.  
 14. - Kick - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 1
 15. - Clap 1 - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 2
 16. - Rev Clap 1 - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 3
 17. - Clap 2 - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 4
 18. - HH2 - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 5
 19. - HH1 - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 6
 20. - Tick Hat - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 7
 21. - Dub Snare - Set as Multi-out sub-channel 8

 22. - Ghost Track - Silent track used to send out the side-chain signal

FX: All FX sounds are all custom made with various synths from Logic's ES2, Retro, EXS24 Sampler, NI Massive and Logic's Ultrabeat.
 23. - Big Air - set as Multi-out sub-channel 1
 24. - Wraith FX - set as Multi-out sub-channel 2
 25. - Cymbal Crash FX - set as Multi-out sub-channel 3
 26. - Clap Hit 1 - set as Multi-out sub-channel 4
 27. - Clap Hit 2 - set as Multi-out sub-channel 5
 28. - Explosion FX - set as Multi-out sub-channel 6
 29. - Long Air - made with Logic's ES2 synth
 30. - Rev FX - made with the logic's EXS24 sampler
 31. - Digi Wolf - made with Logic's Alchemy synth
 32. - Down Fall - made with NI Massive
 33. - Air FX - made with Logic's ES2 synth
 34. - Riser FX - made with Logic's ES2 synth
 35. - Air Riser 4 - made with Logic's Retro synth