Symphonic Call to War Logic Pro X Template

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Call to War Vol 1 - Symphonic, Orchestral, Progressive Rock Music Design Template For Apple Logic Pro X (DAW)


  • Seven Epic EXS24 Orchestral Symphonic Instruments from Logic X; Each one intricately configured to deliver the absolute best possible sound.*
  • Includes amazing layered strings, bused to an expertly crafted harmonization channels to achieve an ultra wide euphoric chorused effect; using only Logic’s vocal pitch shifting technologies.
  • Multiple custom reverb settings bused to separate channels and then EQ’ed, and then bussed again, to the side chain bus. This will achieve that special ducking sound on just the Reverbs and gives an excellent effect for those special airy atmosphere background sounds.
  • One Huge custom 808 tuned kick / bass element, using the ES2 Synth.
  • Seven Drum Tracks, using Ultrabeat with multi-outputs and custom settings to give that over the top punchy sound.
  • Two side chain Ghost Tracks using Logic’s Kopfgeist. This will send separate control signals to each designated bus, for that special ducking sound for the strings, Reverb and FX.
  • Custom EQ and compression settings on each channel strip.
  • Expert tuned settings on the master to give it that radio quality mastered sound.
  • All for Apple Logic Pro X, which includes all presets and MIDI data.
  • All the mixing and mastering chains in place for you to study and utilize as the ultimate educational tool.
  • The project does not require any 3rd party VST/AU virtual instruments.
  • This project includes the full arrangement with all MIDI data, presets, mixing/leveling, FX chains, and automation in place for you to change add to or rearrange.
  • All mixing is performed natively using only internal Apple Logic Pro X native FX chains.
  • This template is provided 100% royalty free and can be used as a base for your upcoming tracks or as an educational and inspirational tool.
  • Explore the arrangement, find out how the, bass-lines, leads, pads and FX delays have been made and put together, expand your synth preset library and discover specific mixing and mastering techniques used.

EXS24 samples are part of any standard Logic Pro X install, which are included in the Factory and or Garage Band Jam Packs. They will not be in this Template, however the EXS24 presets are still there and will open just like how it is seen and heard in the video.

Does it matter what version you are tying to open Logic Pro with?  Short answer: No, not really.  However, the general rule is: You can always open an older version of Logic Pro, you can even open an older Logic Pro 9 project with Logic Pro X. Logic is a very smart and capable application.  Now granted, if the template has some of the newer plugins, like Alchemy, which was introduced in Logic Pro X 10.2, and your version of Logic does not, it will still open, but logic will just not load the Alchemy Plugin.   You just can not open a Logic Pro X version with Logic Pro 9.  Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns, per if your Logic version will work or not, we even have the ability to test your Logic Pro version, for free.