Industrial Metal Hacker 2.0 Logic Pro X Template

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Metal Hacker 2.0 - Industrial Electro Metal Design Template For Apple Logic Pro X (DAW)


Industrial Metal Hacker 2.0 Logic Pro X Template

Logic Pro X Metal Hacker Template 2.0. Industrial Metal Template.

The video is a funny and quirky tutorial on how to make Industrial Metal in Logic Pro X. This will be released as a Template at I show how to use amazing Kontakt sample library called KMG7 and Addictive Drums 2, where were able to harness some awesome Power Chords and Mosh tunes. Plus I show a brand new Parallel Compression Method called Double Pump!  - see YouTube tutorial tab for details...


Does it matter what version you are trying to open Logic Pro X? Short answer: No. However, the general rule is: You can always open an older version of Logic Pro, you can even open an older Logic Pro 9 project with Logic Pro X. Logic is a very smart and capable Digital Audio Workstations (DAW). Granted, if a template uses Logic's newer plugins, like Alchemy, first introduced in Logic Pro X version 10.2, and your version of Logic does not, it will still open, and Logic will just not load the Alchemy Plugin. The MIDI and Automation Data will still be the same, and you can quickly change the instrument to anything you want. Similarly, Logic Pro will open if you don't have a particular 3rd Party Plugin. The only limitation is that you can not open a Logic Pro X version with Logic Pro 9. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.