Exotic ES2 Dubstep Synth Presets with LogicTemplate

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100 Exotic ES2 Dubstep Synth Presets with Logic Pro X Template


Exotic ES2 Preset Pack Info: 
Exotic ES2 Dubstep Synth Presets. Extreme in your face Dubstep / EDM ES2 Presets. Over 100 Plus ES2 Synthesizer Presets! I am sure this pack will bring your mix to a very mean and angry level of some very sick Dubstep sounds.  Not only can these Presets be used for Dubstep, with all of the included Pads sounds; you can do an Ambient or Enigmatic Chill-step song. The Possibilities are endless with this new sound set / preset pack.  It will bring a new source of creativity and become a great asset to your production toolbox. 

The included Logic Pro X Template is huge and very detailed: It includes a very advanced custom sampled EXS 24 drum set that features round robin on all the hat sounds, plus each drum sound is routed to it's own bus channel for further processing. I go over this in the above Youtube video, plus I show how to install the ES2 Preset Pack.

Logic Template Features: 

  • 33 MIDI track channels
  • Advanced bus routing techniques with EXS 24 Sampler
  • Two separate ghost tracks / side-chain, one for the reverbs and one for the subs and bass. 
  • Three different custom reverb bus channels
  • One special FX bus designed to add a combination phaser, mod delay and stereo delay.
  • Custom Dubstep Master Mix on the Main Mix channel
  • All for Apple Logic Pro X, which includes all presets and MIDI data. 
  • All the mixing and mastering chains in place for you to study and utilize as the ultimate educational tool. 
  • This project includes the full arrangement with all MIDI data, presets, mixing/leveling, FX chains, and automation in place for you to change add to or rearrange. 
  • All mixing is performed natively using only internal Apple Logic Pro X native FX chains. This template is provided 100% royalty free and can be used as a base for your upcoming tracks or as an educational and inspirational tool. 
  • Explore the arrangement, find out how the, bass-lines, leads, pads and FX delays have been made and put together, expand your synth preset library and discover specific mixing and mastering techniques used.