Dimensions - Jazz Fusion Logic Pro X Template

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Dimensions - Jazz Fusion Downtempo Design Template For Apple Logic Pro X (DAW)


Bouncy Funky Percussive Jazz Fusion Logic Pro X 10.2 template featuring 15 different instruments and drum kits. Original song composition by LogicProHacks... For the Full Effect Turn up the Volume Really Loud! :-) Epic Electric Guitar and Piano sounds. Plus original sampled IR Reverb from the famous Yamaha Rev100. Tons of AutoFilter and Automation Effects - Two amazing 7th Chord sound Pad synths made with Logic's Sculpture and the EXS24. See the Funny and informative Video Tutorial on the YouTube link:

  • 15 MIDI Channels
  • 2 Audio Channel
  • 7 Bus Sends
  • Original sampled IR Reverb from the famous Yamaha Rev100 Hardware unit.
  • Special Sampled Ovation Guitar with Round Robin programing
  • Separated Sound banks, Synth Presets and Channel Strip settings in Project Folder
  • 6 drum sets, all meticulous processed to specfic multi-output track groupings, using EXS24 Sampler.
  • One unique ghost side kick channel.
  • Custom EQ and compression settings.
  • Custom Sub mix for all Drum sounds
  • Great for any kind of work on any type of Jazz Fusion or House Downtempo song.
  • Custom Final Progressive Pre-Master Mix
  • No 3rd Party Plugins